Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Enoch Letters

These books are generally really hard for me to get through, even though it's only 71 pages long it was hard because of all the amazing content in it. Neal A. Maxwell is an amazing scholar and scriptorian which I think is another reason as to why it was so hard to get through. But the insights into the City of Enoch were Awesome. After I got through reading this book I looked back through the pages to find a lot of notes I had taken and phrases I had underlined because I liked them so much. The story about the city of Enoch is taught to all Christians at a very young age and a lot of people know about how the city was so righteous that the Lord took it up to heaven to live again with him. But sometimes I think we forget that it didn't just happen that way all in one day or just a "bam" moment. It took time, faith, love and much much more. The Enoch letters are is about letters sent back and forth between two good friends Omner and Mahijah. (sp?)
Mahijah was introduced to Enoch the prophet when he came into his city and slowly became a believe to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It talks about his trials in accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior and first his wrestling with the truth till finally he became a believer. Then the letters start talking about life in the City of Enoch and Mahijah starts to plead with his good friend Omner to come and join him in the city. I loved reading about life for Mahijah in the city of Enoch and to see the progression of the city and all the doctrine he talks about. this really was an amazing story and one I think any christian would enjoy reading.

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