Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Women

Little Women- By: Louisa May Alcott:
This is one of those stories that has been one of my favorites ever since I was little. Although I have never read the book till now, I had heard the story and the movie was one of my favorites. I did read the abridged version while I worked at the Monticello Library but never finished it cause I moved up to Salt Lake. So I was excited to find the unabridged version in the library up here in Ogden.reading this version was a little more satisfying then the movie and the abridges version of the book. I finally understand now why Jo refused Laurie's proposal and how Laurie later fell in love with Amy. I loved how it went into such detail about all the girls different lives and the life of their neighbor and friend Mr. Laurence and his grandson Laurie. I also found it fun to know what happened to their lives after they each were married and starting new lives and new families. I do admit that at time I needed to take a break from the story and noticed that when I spoke or wrote that it was in that same old English style. :p I love the characters and can find a little of myself in each one of them and I love how this book brings you in like you are apart of the march family and are suffering and triumphing through everything with them. This is a classic book that I would hope I could share with my daughter(s) some day.


Holly said...

I read LW in January and loved it. I think eventually I'll pick up Jo's Boys and continue with the story. Were you happy with the sister Laurie ended up with or were you rooting for the other one? I was a little unsure about that scenario but other than that it was a great book!

Kristene Armstrong said...

At first I was hoping Jo would change her mind. but in the end I think Amy and Laurie were really great together.