Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I Wish I'd Known When I Was Single

What I Wish I'd Known When I Was Single By: John Bytheway
John Bytheway is an LDS motivational speaker he has spoke at a lot of different venues and loves to do it. This book was given to me by a friend and even though I am already married I though it would be fun to give it a look anyway. Single or not I really like his insights into different spiritual topics and life as well. I really enjoyed this book.
"Trying to find the right companion, struggling with the dating game, or even thinks about marriage, John Bytheway knows how to fight the good fight. In his book What I Wish I'd Known When I Was Single, Bytheway teaches readers to see past the game and look for what is important in an eternal spouse.This well-known motivational speaker for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and author of LDS youth books such as What I Wish I'd Known When I Was in High School and Dating 911 uses his extensive knowledge of gospel doctrine and personal experiences to put common marriage phobias to rest. Bytheway communicates with singles after spending the years following his LDS mission in search of an eternal companion. Bytheway currently works as an institute teacher at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.Using the format of a piano concerto, Bytheway starts with the "Program Notes" and continues until the "Finale: Crescendo." The nine movements give advice on everything from who you should and should not date to dealing with a failing relationship.Although this is not a work by a church authority and is, therefore, the author's own ideas, readers can easily relate to the straightforward tales of love and relationships.The insightful words of ecclesiastical leaders, parents, and entertainers combine to form a guide for readers who are clueless about single life.Through humor and common sense, readers will be thrilled to learn that hope exists for all of us who are sick of that four letter word: Date."

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