Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy

Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy

I really enjoyed this series. The first book was good but I kept comparing it to his previous book series. But the end of the first book left me wanting to start the second and so on. There were so many twists and turns in this book to keep you wanting to know what would happen next. If you like fantasy I would check out this series.

Amazon's Review:
"Jason and Rachel were not born in Lyrian. They did not grow up in Lyrian. But after all of the battles and losses, the triumphs and adventures, and most of all, the friendships forged in this fantastical world, Lyrian has become home to them in a way they never could have imagined.

And so, armed now with the prophecy of a dying oracle, they have gone on their separate quests—each surrounded by brave and powerful allies—knowing that the chance for success is slim. But Jason and Rachel are ready at last to become the heroes Lyrian needs, no matter the cost."

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows BY: J.K. Rowling

This isn't the first time I have read this series, but it's always fun to revisit it. Re-reading books is like visiting old friends and takes you back to memories of where you were in your life when you first read it. This is definitely one of these series that I will always go back to to re-read.

"A New York Times Bestseller -- Book 7 in the Harry Potter series. The brilliant, breathtaking conclusion to J.K. Rowling's spellbinding series. The heart of Book 7 is a hero's mission -- not just in Harry's quest for the Horcruxes, but in his journey from boy to man -- and Harry faces more danger than that found in all six books combined, from the direct threat of the Death Eaters and you-know-who, to the subtle perils of losing faith in himself. What will be the outcome of the final battle between Voldemort and Harry? No Canadian Rights for the Harry Potter Series. HARRY POTTER and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter publishing rights -- J. K. Rowling." 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion BY Brandon Mull

I am really enjoying this series. It isn't like Fablehaven (the first Brandon Mull book series I read) but I enjoy the story, plot, characters and writing. I have been listening to these on audio because its hard to read an actual book while I am in school. That is why it is taking me so long to finish re-reading the 7th book of Harry Potter. The only complaint that I have is not towards the book but the way it is recorded. Other than that I am really enjoying the story.
Here is a book description by Amazon:

"The thrills continue in the second action-packed adventure in the #1 New York Times bestselling Beyonders trilogy.

After the cliffhanger ending of A World Without Heroes, Jason is back in the world he’s always known—yet for all his efforts to get home, he finds himself itching to return to Lyrian. Jason knows that the shocking truth he learned from Maldor is precious information that all of his friends in Lyrian, including Rachel, need if they have any hope of surviving and defeating the evil emperor.

Meanwhile, Rachel and the others have discovered new enemies—as well as new abilities that could turn the tide of the entire quest. And as soon as Jason succeeds in crossing over to Lyrian, he’s in more danger than ever. Once the group reunites, they strive to convince their most-needed ally to join the war and form a rebellion strong enough to triumph over Maldor. At the center of it all, Jason and Rachel realize what roles they’re meant to play—and the answers are as surprising as they are riveting."