Thursday, April 8, 2010

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain By Esther Forbes:
One of my favorite subjects is history. I love learning about history and the early days of our country including the Civil War is one of the many topics that fascinate me. So I can see why I was drawn to this book. Johnny Tremain is a name I have heard of but never really knew the story of. So I really enjoyed this book but I didn't much care for the ending...I could see leaving the ending where it was if there was a sequel to this book but I did some research and couldn't find a sequel. I think she really could have carried this book a lot farther. But maybe the reason why she didn't is because she couldn't find anymore information about what happened to Johnny Tremain and maybe this book had some sort of Epilogue that I missed explaining that. All in all a great read but the ending does leave you a bit high and dry.

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