Monday, June 29, 2015


Stardust By: Neil Gaiman

                          In a quaint small town in England is where this story starts. The town is called Wall it is so named because of a giant stone wall that is built along one of its meadows. The book starts with a single adventure of a young man named Dunston Thorne. On the other side of the wall is a magical land called Faerie and every few years the fair folk of Faerie and the normal folk of wall have a market. It is the only time the citizens of wall are allowed to cross said wall. It was then the Dunston met and fell in love with a beautiful slave girl. Which brought about Tristan Thorne, who at 18 was in love with the town beauty. Whilst walking her home one night they witnessed a falling star, he vowed to cross the wall to go and find the star and bring it back to her.
                         It's a book filled with princes, witches, adventures, unicorns and more. I saw the movie before I found out it was a book, and sought it out to read. I will admit it wasn't quite like the movie, but then again no book is. I find them very similar but different enough that you could see them as two different stories. I rather enjoyed both. There is a scene in the beginning that did make me blush a little, and would advise this to be a story for an older audience.

Happy Reading!

Monday, June 8, 2015


A personal note before I start my review I just want to say that I realize that my reviews are short and vague. I thought that by giving bits of information like how you would read the back of a book that it may leave out most of the spoilers and coax people to read. However I have come to realize that it just made for a bad review. So I will try and do better in the future. :)

Allegiant By: Veronica Roth

The adventures for Tris and Tobias and their friends continue in the last book of the divergent series. Allegiant. With Jeannie Mathews dead and the swarms of factionless rallying behind Evelyn a shocking video come to light about what lies outside of the city and the large fences. With the help of a group of rebels who want the factions back; calling themselves the Allegiant; Tris, Tobias and others sneak out of the city and its fences to see just what is outside. What they find is an even larger war and immediately get caught up in the need to figure out what really is right or wrong.

I enjoyed this book, however I didn't (at first) see the point in killing off certain characters that Veronica Roth did. But after thinking about the book and the characteristics of those characters I realized that  it was the only way and that it was set in those characters all along. I guess kind of like their destiny. I did enjoy this series and there is a chance that I will read it again in the future.