Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Last Unicorn

When I was little I had a few shows that I loved to watch over and over again. Since we didn't own them, I had to walk down to the library to check them out and I would rotate between these few videos and watch them as much as I could before i had to return them. The Last Unicorn was one of them. I love this show and was very excited to find it on DVD a few years back. Last year I decided to pull it out and watch it again and I noticed something I hadn't before; this movie was made after a book. I immediately jumped on Amazon and searched out the book and here is what I found:
This book went onto my wish list until I was able to purchase it and read it. Here is my review.

The Last Unicorn By: Peter S. Beagle

This is the story of a unicorn who heard rumor that unicorns no longer existed. She then embarks upon a journey to see if she can either find some of her own kind or find out what happened to them. Her adventures pair her with a magician and world worn lady. The unicorn discovers that King Haggard and his red bull are the reason for the loss of all the other unicorns. When setting out to confront the King and try and save her people. The unicorns story takes and unexpected twist and now she has to face more than the red bull.

I love, love, LOVE this story and yes I meant to write the review up above to leave things out so that it may wet your appetite to buy the book and read it for yourself. (unless you've seen the movie and know what happens. :p) this is a classic fantasy story and should be on every shelf of anyone who loves fantasy novels. I do believe this is going to be a repeat read for me many times over, just like the movie. :)