Thursday, July 21, 2016

City of Glass

City of Glass BY: Cassandra Clare

Jace and Clare continue to figure out how they can defeat the evil Valentine and help wake Clare's mom up from her coma. As they head to the shadow home country and to the city of glass. Clare and Jace finds out more about their families and the time comes for them to face Valentine. Will they have what it takes to defeat him?

I am really enjoying this series, she has so many twist and turns in these books and you never know whats going to happen next. It always leaves me wanting more. I am excited to continue on with this series and read more. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

City of Ashes

City of Ashes  By: Cassandra Clare

The adventures of Clare, Jace, Isabelle, Alec and Simon continue in this "cant put down" sequel. The twists and turns continue as Jace and Clare continue to battle demons and the rogue shadow hunter Valentine with the help of friends and family; and this time they need all the help they can get.

I had a hard time stopping this and always found myself listening to it any chance I got, even if it was walking from my car into work. I at least got to listen to a few minutes more. :p This series is quickly turning into a favorite and I predict that this series may be one I go back to again and again.