Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Resolution

 I feel like I may actually achieve this resolution this year. for one I am currently reading 3 (non textbook) books right now.  and the other I am starting this goal in January not in the middle of the year. So for anyone still reading this blog. Here is my official resolution for reading

Read 25 non Children's (as in the story books I read to my daughter every night) and non text books this year.

I am going to wipe the slate clean on the side bar and start with my 2014 book list. Although i did read some interesting books in 2013 and i am hoping that will continue in 2014. I will also be looking for other challenges on other blogs as well. So cheers to a new year and Happy Reading! :)

Looking Back- 2013

So...No I didnt reach my 25 book goal like i thought I was going to. But this year I am going to start early or at the correct time. :p Anyway here is a look back at the books I read in 2013....(not in order)

25 Book Reading Resolution for 2013