Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wide Window

It's amazing how you can read a series with the same characters the same basic story and the different books are different events that occur...Some examples are Harry Potter. Characters stayed the same, it was the same concept Harry had to deal with Voldemort issues and he was going to Hogwarts...but situations changed... The basilisk, An escaped prisoner, the tri-wizard tournament, etc. Yet with all these same characters and everything, out of the series it seems people can most choose a book (#1,2,3,etc) that they liked more or less. The Wide Window is the 3rd book in the series of unfortunate events. But I think it was also my least favorite so far. With the other two books there was a warmth about them. In book 1 when the children had Count Olaf as their guardian it was dark and sad..but they had his neighbor Justice Strauss to bring light and warmth into the story. In book 2 you had that automatically with Uncle Monty. But in this one there was no warmth. Their new guardian Aunt Josephine was a fairly good woman...even thought her character did bother me a little. But everything was cold and dark. I think that's why I had a little bit harder time with this one. However I was a little more satisfied with the ending and it didn't seem to drag on to expose the bad guy like the last 2 did. So yes this was a good read...not my favorite in the series and I am excited to continue. This series might be put on hold for a time though due to the Christmas season. I want to read a Christmas book this year. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Righteous Warriors

This was a book suggested to me by a friend...she even sent it to me on audio. :) I really enjoyed it. For those of you who have ever read The Book of Mormon and ever wondered why they're are a lot of wars. John Bytheway has a great explanation and some really great lessons from these chapters that a lot of us might just skim over. it made me see these war chapters from a different perspective. I learned a lot from this book...great read. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fablehaven Book Four

This book was start to finish nothing but action packed. it left you wanting for more. this book made me feel so many different emotions it was great. It sucked me in just like Harry Potter did. New characters were introduced (as with every book) as well as some old ones. I feel like I cant say much about this book cause I don't want to ruin it for someone who hasn't read it yet. With almost every book I read somebody lets something slip so it leaves me waiting in anticipation till I get to that part that slipped. But with this book I hadn't heard anything about it and it's one of the factors I feel that helped me to enjoy it that much more. Because I didn't know anything about it or even what to expect. So I know this is a short review but I really want you to judge for yourself how you felt about his book. This series is a lot of fun to read.