Saturday, February 27, 2010


Twilight by Stephenie Meyer:
First off I guess I do need to admit that this is not my first time reading this book. This is one of those books that I like to read to take a break from heavy books or it's just a fun read. This time it was for a fun read. My husband James asked me when I finished it this morning what was so great about this book that it has captivated so many women. After thinking about after awhile I told him cause most women want to be Bella in their own respective ways. He didn't quite know what to think so I told him he just needed to read it. :p I love getting lost in the story of Edward and Bella. I love to escape reality and go into a new world that only books can provide and this one provides a great new world that I love to escape to.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've always loved books by Mary Higgins Clark. So I was excited to learn that her daughter was a writer too. I grabbed this book just as a whim , but I really loved it. I really enjoyed her writing style and was surprised by the story. The book was about two investigators from new york who go to Ireland on their honeymoon which was interrupted by ghosts, fires, and criminals. It's not the usual mystery's that I'm use to where you have to guess who the person that committed the crime was. I loved the humor and plot of the story.

What We Wish We Would Have Known When We Were Newlyweds..

This book was suggested to us by my niece. I skimmed through it then but never really read it. Then we received the audio book as a gift from a friend. Half way through listening to it I really wished we had read it before. :) They have some great advice on everything that newly weds deal with as they try and merge their two lives together. I would highly recommend this book to any newly wed. I know it would have helped James and I out A LOT. We are now reading it together a chapter at a time and talking about it and answering the questions at the back of each chapter. We are barely into the book but we are really excited about it and have noticed that it is already strengthening our relationship.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Enoch Letters

These books are generally really hard for me to get through, even though it's only 71 pages long it was hard because of all the amazing content in it. Neal A. Maxwell is an amazing scholar and scriptorian which I think is another reason as to why it was so hard to get through. But the insights into the City of Enoch were Awesome. After I got through reading this book I looked back through the pages to find a lot of notes I had taken and phrases I had underlined because I liked them so much. The story about the city of Enoch is taught to all Christians at a very young age and a lot of people know about how the city was so righteous that the Lord took it up to heaven to live again with him. But sometimes I think we forget that it didn't just happen that way all in one day or just a "bam" moment. It took time, faith, love and much much more. The Enoch letters are is about letters sent back and forth between two good friends Omner and Mahijah. (sp?)
Mahijah was introduced to Enoch the prophet when he came into his city and slowly became a believe to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It talks about his trials in accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior and first his wrestling with the truth till finally he became a believer. Then the letters start talking about life in the City of Enoch and Mahijah starts to plead with his good friend Omner to come and join him in the city. I loved reading about life for Mahijah in the city of Enoch and to see the progression of the city and all the doctrine he talks about. this really was an amazing story and one I think any christian would enjoy reading.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the Miserable Mill

This book was a little more surprising to me. I don't know if it was because it was the first book in the series that I've read that hasn't been in the movie or if it's because events have shifted in the story. Whatever it may be this book seemed to be a little darker than the rest and the ever present villain Count Olaf was a little harder to find.This book certainly did keep me guessing and just when i thought I figured it out, it would change. I was an enjoyable read...we as enjoyable as you can get reading about misery and misfortune following these little kids around. but so far I am really enjoying this series.