Monday, December 23, 2013

My Masters Touch

My Master's Touch By: Lynda M. Nelson

This was a book that I borrowed and I am so happy I did. This helped put a different perspective on the life of the Savior. This whole story was through the eyes of a little burro that was born to the burro who carried Mary to Bethlehem. In the story the little burro was born just before Jesus and became fast friend with the Savior. They grew up together and this little burro followed and helped the Savior throughout his life and even followed him into the next life. This story was so powerful and is a really cute.

Here's what amazon said:

"My Master's Touch, this remarkable storyteller has created a parable for all ages--a beautiful retelling of the story of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of a burro named Meshak.
A faithful and loving companion, Meshak follows and serves Jesus throughout His life. In time the burro grows to understand the importance of the light that Jesus strives to kindle in people's souls. Ultimately Meshak comes to realize that Jesus is like the oil that fills a lamp, guiding our way out of the darkness... and into the light of eternal love.
My Master's Touch is a timeless tale that is destined to become a beloved part of every reader's life. A story to be read aloud and cherished, a gift to be passed down from generation to generation."

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