Thursday, June 12, 2014

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix By: J.K. Rowling

So again this is not my first time reading the Harry Potter Series. truth be told I am one of those completely obsessed fans who loves almost anything Harry Potter. I have really enjoyed re-reading all these in order. In case you haven't read this series here is what had to say...

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Lord Voldemort has returned to the Wizarding world, presenting a threat that neither the magical government nor the authorities at Hogwarts can stop.

In response to his reappearance, Dumbledore reactivates the Order of the Phoenix, a secret society which works to defeat the Dark Lord's minions and protect his targets—especially Harry Potter. But Harry doesn’t want to be protected. Even as the Ministry of Magic denies his claims, The Daily Prophet discredits him, and even Dumbledore won’t look him in the eye, Harry grows more and more determined to fight his lifelong enemy Voldemort—if only he had the “weapon” the Order is guarding.

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