Monday, September 15, 2014


Jonah By: Kelli Ann Morgan

I actually met Kelli Ann Morgan at a local our harvest celebration in Brigham City called Peach Days. He and another local author had a booth and was selling their books. This is one I just happened to pick up after she told me it was a love story but not a romance novel. Plus she was selling it for $5; how can someone pass up a five dollar book? Well it sat and sat on my night stand for a couple weeks until I picked it up one night and started to read. Best and Worst decision I made that week. I got hooked and my sleep suffered. Luckily it was a shorter book (only 98 pages) so it didn't take me long to finish. 

So this is my review: The only bad thing I have to say about this book is there is a couple loose ends that didn't get tied up but not any major ones and the occasional editing error. That's it I loved the characters. It was a fun, laid back book that plunged me into life back in the old west where you could ride for miles and miles without running into anything or anybody. It reminded me of a simpler time where love is rich and deep and people worked hard for what they had. (physically) I can definitely see myself picking this book back up for a quick read to get me away from my textbooks and homework for a time.

Here's Amazons review:

She hoped it would be love… 

EMMA FOSTER leaves her precious Boston to make a life in the West only to discover her betrothed has been killed and his brother is to take his place in their marriage agreement. When information comes to light that could change their contract, she must decide if she’ll risk everything to experience the heat of his gaze and the warmth of his touch forever. 

He never expected she would change his heart… 

JONAH DEARDON wants nothing to do with marriage, but when tragedy strikes, it falls to him to wed the woman who holds the deed to his family’s land. Reluctant, he’s bent on offering her an alternate arrangement until he meets the enchanting beauty who touches him with her strength and courage, and whose kisses promise a life full of laughter and love.

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