Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Austenland By Shannon Hale:
I think I found my newest favorite book, this story is about Jane, a successful graphic designer who has a secret...she's has a secret obsession with Jane Austen books and movies...especially Pride and Prejudice. When her great aunt and her mother come to visit and her aunt discovers this secret and that Jane is looking for her own Mr. Darcy she sends her on an all expense paid 3 week vacation to Austenland. No cell phones, mp3 players or electronics of any kind and 18th century regency dress, talk and manners...just like in the time of Jane Austen. Jane saw this as her last hurrah before she swore off men completely. But what she found at Austenland stuck in 18th century England was more than she bargained for. I highly recommend this book for any Jane Austen fan, it has a wonderful mix of 18th century England mixed with modern times.

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