Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Prophecy of the Stones

The Prophecy of the Stones By: Flavia Bujor.

This is a book that I picked up on sale awhile ago and kinda forgot about it, But then after I was done reading the Crucible I needed another book to endure the sometimes boring train ride into work. I was actually very shocked by this book. It was a very unique story and very well written. The author wrote it when she was 13 and according working on more. The story is about a young woman who is dying in a hospital and slips into these dreams where she sees 3 young girls who have to save their world from an impending evil lead by the council of twelve. At first I was afraid that it wouldn't be wrapped up in the end and that it would be another "Eragon" series where I would have to wait for 2 years before the other book was released. but she ties it all together very well. She says that she doesn't want to by typecast into an author who only writes fantasy's but I think she left just enough open that if she wanted to she could make a sequel to this book. If not it was a very fun read and a great story.

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