Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Annie Oakley

I usually don't read biography's but recently read this for our family book club. A while ago we decided to start up a family book club to help broaden our reading horizons and just as a fun family activity. We started out just adding books we wanted to read to a random list and then monthly we would all mark the books we wanted to read and then popular vote would win. Then after some research by Nikki she discovered a different way to base our books by theme and then from youngest to oldest would pick the book that they wanted to read. This is the first book in that new system. our first topic is biography's and our first person to choose was Abby our 9 year old niece. :) I haven't heard a lot about Annie Oakley just the name mostly. So I was pretty amazed to learn who she was. a simple country girl born and raised she had a hard childhood. After the death of her father her mother had a hard time taking care of her and her sisters. They were sent to live with others. Annie lived with a family who didn't treat her very well and was very cruel. She ran away and found her way back to her mother who welcomed her with open arms as did her new step father. After that life for her was good. She lived in Ohio in a town called North Star, She would shoot birds to sell in town and because of it helped her family pay off their debt including their house. Annie didn't become the "little sharp shooter" till she moved to live with her sister in Cincinnati. She also met her husband there Frank Butler who instantly fell in love with her after she beat him at a shooting match. Her and Frank later meet "Buffalo Bill" and became a part of his Wild West Show that took them all over the world. Annie met a variety of people who she became instant friends with. Including Sitting Bull, (who adopted her as his own)the Widow of General Custer, Prince Edward of England and all the Lords and Lady's of his court, and many other royalty throughout Europe. Annie Oakley was well loved by all these people as well as the many cowboys, Indians, Mexicans and everyone who helped with the Wild West show. She seemed like an amazing woman.

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