Monday, December 3, 2012

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
By: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I hadn't finished this book and it got stuffed into a box  from the move and I couldn't find it. we;; guess what. I FOUND IT! :) and I only had 2 chapters left before I finished it so I finally just cracked it open and finished it.

EVERY Woman in ANY relationship NEEDS this book!!!! ESPECIALLY if you are married!!!!

I LOVED this book. Not only did I read this book but my husband and I talked about it as I read it. he loves it too. :) I agree almost 100% with Dr. Laura and I can see why 97% of divorces is because of the woman. Sorry ladies but YES I agree with her. I learned so much about not only relationships the difference between a healthy one and an unhealthy one. But I learned a lot about men and how so unalike men and women are. Even though we as woman would like to think that they are a lot like us. They aren't. Their needs and completely different from ours. But still have similarities. For example, We want to be loved and respected so do the. Guys want to be our big strong protecting men. So they need their egos stroked. They need to be reminded that they are needed and loved. They don't like being called names, or nagged at or villanized. There are some of my family and friends who do this to their husbands.
Seriously read this book! Give it as a wedding gift. I think this book coupled with the 5 love languages is a must have in every married persons home.

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