Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I didn't get close to my goal last year to read 25 books, I was only able to get through 11...well unless you count textbooks which I didn't. :p It's bad enough that I am a slow reader but when you throw school in the mix it makes it REALLY hard to find the time to read.

Due to money issues I might not be able to re-start school till the fall. So I think I might be able to hit my resolution this year. I made a 2015 Resolution with Goodreads  to read 20 books this year. I would like to also add an additional new year resolution.

We recently moved, while I was unpacking I realized how many books that I hadn't read yet. Both on my shelf and on my audio account. So of the 20 books that I want to read for the new year, I want 10 of those to be books that are either on my shelf already, or on my audio account that I haven't read/listened to yet.

So there it is, now what would a resolution be without a reward for completing it? This is something new that I want to try, but I hope that it will help urge me to read more, watch less TV and complete this resolution. So my reward for reading 20 books this year is a steak and lobster dinner and dessert at the Rib and Chop house. There is it. I hope everyone has a happy 2015 and good luck on all your resolutions.

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