Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Host

The Host By: Stephenie Meyer

This book took me a REALLY long time to finish. I started it and I just couldn't get into it, I set it side for a long time. Everyone I talked to said that the part I was at is boring but I was about to get to where the book really takes off. I had not just one of two but quite a few people tell me this. I decided to pick it up and try it again. They were right it did pick up, but not to the point where I couldn't put it down like before. In fact this was just a read every now and then while I was really reading another book. So once again it eventually got put down. Finally I needed to decide if I wanted to leave forever and not finish it, or if I wanted to try and just push through it to finish it. I have a really hard time not finishing a book for some reason, so I decided I needed to focus on this book and just finish it. The end was a little better than I though, but my problem is that this book just really seemed to drag. There was a lot of just everyday life that could have been taken out to shorten this book. 59 chapters plus an epilogue plus a continued and a bonus chapter were a bit much. Granted those last few extra chapters where kinda nice, but because of the 59 plus chapters before it wasn't like the normal satisfaction I usually feel after I've read a book, it was more like a finally its over feeling. Overall I did enjoy most of the story but I really dont think I am ever going to pick up this book again.

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