Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree.

This is the book I chose to replace my other choice for the book club. It was very hard to read but had me hooked from the very beginning. I feel very humbled after reading about the life of this young girl during the holocaust. I couldn't even imagine having to go through everything she went through and be a survivor. As I was reading this book I tried on multiple occasions to try and relate to her as best I could and couldn't even come close. I tried to imagine what it must have been like and even then I don't think I could ever fully grasp the concept. What really shocked me about this book is not only the experience that this woman had to go through when she was only a teenager but also the story and lesson I learned that even through the most dismal situations good can be found. Laura Hillman made 3 very important friends at the concentration camps. 1 was a young girl named Fella, she helped Laura cope and taught her a lot about life in a concentration camp. The 2 was a Polish POW solider by the name Hillman and later who she affectionately called Dick. As you might have guessed by her name She not only became fast friends with this soldier but also fell in love with him. Then the 3 was another girl by the name of Eva. I have always been fascinated by WWII, but what fascinates me the most is not all the horrible and cruel things that people can do to one another that is often focused on. But the good they can do and the true hero's that walked silently through history that people tend to look over. I am convinced that besides the people they directly influenced nobody would know who they were or what they did without these memoirs, movies and other books. In the darkest of times good can be found. This is the main thing that I took away from reading this wonderful book. I know I recommend almost all the books I read but this one in my opinion is a MUST READ!

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